Renting a PRO3 race car

Ready to join the fun..

..but not ready to build or buy a PRO3 car?  Then the quickest, and easiest way to get behind the wheel of a PRO3 car is to rent one from local shops.  Many of these shops offer full support and other benefits while you just focus on the fun of racing in one of the most competitive groups in amateur racing!

144 2015-8-IRDC-G8SAM-244-(ZF-2325-50321-1-007) half.jpg

Advanced Auto Fabrication LLC

Contact: Hank Moore

Business #: (509) 924-7006



299 2016-CSCCENDURO-R-4051-(ZF-4432-53032-1-002).jpg

KD Motorsports

Contact: Kevin Doyle

9175 Willows Road NE

Redmond, WA 98052

Business #: (425) 556-9076


043 2016-MAYIRDC-G1R-403-(ZF-6166-94171-1-013) quarter.jpg

DMS Motorsports

Contact: Dave Bennitt

Business #: (425) 864-1078


Group 2 Motorsports

Contact: John van Rensburg

Business #: (206) 378-0900