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The Importance of Data (by Roger Caddell)

Roger Caddell | National Training Manager | AiM Sports LLC

Roger Caddell | National Training Manager | AiM Sports LLC

The proper and consistent use of data acquisition will improve your race program.  It is not magic, you will have to work at the task but modern hardware and software makes the gathering and analyzing of your data a fairly easy and fun activity!  However just like any other tool you buy, if you leave it in the toolbox, the car (and driver) will not improve!

The core of data analysis is to not only understand what happened, but just as important is to know when and why it happened!  If you do not know these simple facts, how do you know what to fix?  It would end up just being a guess and guesses are not a great way to find consistent success.

And to take that same logic one step further, you also need to understand; did the driver create the cars reaction?  Or did the driver react to the car?  This is important so again you know what to improve.

Data = Knowledge.  It answers the questions above so you can be active and focused on improving the right things!


Roger Caddell | National Training Manager | AiM Sports LLC

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Setting up a GPS Lap Insert

Setting Up Measures Graphs

PRO3 Data Share

In 2013, the PRO3 group setup a shared folder for uploading race acquisition data with the purpose to share with other drivers who were looking for help and insight on how to improve. The share drive can be located on the right as well as a video to help drivers understand what to look for when comparing data.

The PRO3 group predominantly uses (but doesn't necessarily endorse any exclusivity) to AiM and Traqmate data systems. AiM is the most popular with most data being gathered using the AiM Solo GPS system. 

Below there is a Driver vs. Driver AiM Analysis prepared by James Colborn (PRO3 Driver #7) that will help interpret the files. This video helps determine both an effect (e.g. one driver being faster or slower than the other) and then studies the causes.

Additional resources can be found on the AiM Sports LLC Vimeo Page or on James Colborn's YouTube Channel. 

Data Share Resources

Data Share DropBox Folder

To learn how to use the data share, click here to download the .pdf instruction file.

Driver vs. Driver AiM Analysis