2014 Special Races

Each and every year the PRO3 Group has gone beyond their championship racing series by either extending the race weekend to include special or guest drivers to the whole group participating in support races for other series in the Pacific Northwest. The following are the two special races that PRO3 will be involved in this 2014 season. 

2014 Pros & Joes Race

Written by Dan Rogers (PRO3 Driver & Professional Racer)

Dan Rogers. Professional Driver and PRO3 Driver #82

Dan Rogers. Professional Driver and PRO3 Driver #82

Come on up for the weekend to the Pacific Northwest.  This year we'll be running at Pacific Raceways in Seattle.  It's an urban area, and an interesting and historic track.  Some of you have run there with us in the past.  We may be able to figure out drivers to provide housing, but plan on getting a hotel room somewhere, just in case.  There are some inexpensive options near the track.

The format of the weekend is two run groups for the cars.  Usually, the "pro" gets one run group and the "joe" runs in the primary run group.  This givens everybody in the car time to get the feel for it, and get it set up.  Each run group gets a practice (30 min), two qualifying runs (20 min each), and a race (30 minutes).  The primary "Pros & Joes" event is a 1 hour enduro Saturday evening, where the "pro" and "joe" share the car.

John Capestro-Dubets & Jim Cissell (John signed Jim's car!)

John Capestro-Dubets & Jim Cissell (John signed Jim's car!)

Off the truck setup on these cars is everything from "right on the money" to "you actually drive this thing this way?!", depending on the driver and crew, if there is any crew.  It's typical Club racing.  That's part of the value that this program provides - the ability to help the "joe" tune his setup.

In a nutshell, the "joe" provides the car, fuel, and consumables, and the "pro" provides coaching and car setup.  Damage is negotiated between the "joe" and the "pro", but assume for now you are responsible for damage. 

Contact Dan Rogers or James Colborn for more information. 

2014 Pacific Northwest Historics Vintage Races


PRO3 will be joining the SOVREN Racing at Pacific Raceways on July 4th to 6th 2014 as one of the featured race groups.

A grid in excess of 50 cars is expected and this weekend has the potential to be one of the largest PRO3 races ever recorded in PRO3 history.

This will be a non-championship race with the winner taking home nothing more than bragging rights but with more than 20 PRO3 cars being separated by only a second at Pacific Raceways the action should be close and very entertaining. 

There will be more information to follow and if you need any further info, please contact us or learn more at the SOVREN site