PRO3 Contingency & Benefits 

Our sponsors provide $37k in combined yearly support for PRO3 drivers, which equates to on average $90 in support for each PRO3 start.  This is different than many other series that reward the top finishers only.  The idea is to reward participation rather than top placings, and the formula has worked well over the years.  Please think of our sponsors when making purchasing decisions and refer them to your friends.  Redeem only one GC (Gift Card) per purchase.  Heed the GC expiration dates!

Toyo Tires

Toyo Tires provide Toyo Bucks which can be redeemed for Toyo RR or RA1 tires.  Toyo Bucks are awarded at all ICSCC PRO3 races by random raffle drawing.  Each payout is split in two and each half is awarded to a different driver.  The amount of the award is based on the number of cars taking the green flag.  Toyo awards roughly $15,000 in Toyo Bucks to PRO3 each year.  That equals almost 80 Toyo Race tires!


BMW Northwest (Fife, WA)

BMW Northwest at the end each year award checks totaling $10,000 to 30 PRO3 car owners, as outlined here.  BMW Northwest also provide $4,000 to PRO3 to cover administrative costs for printing of promotional material.

Top 10 $450 Checks

Ten $450 checks will be awarded to the Top 10 in ICSCC year end point totals which takes into account dropped races.  To be eligible to qualify for a Top 10 check, car must display the required BMW Northwest graphics in all ICSCC PRO3 races you entered during the season.  Winners of Top 10 checks are not eligible for $225 general raffle checks.

Twenty $225 General Raffle Checks

A second set of 20 general raffle $225 checks will be awarded by raffle to PRO3 owner entries outside the Top 10.  Each PRO3 race entered will qualify for the driver for one entry in the raffle.  PRO3 car owners are eligible for raffle entries of their car if run by a renter.

Graphics: Eligible PRO3 cars will display a BMW Northwest windshield banner.

Advanced Auto Fabrication (Spokane, WA): $2,000 total support

Over the year, $50 Gift Certificates are awarded by raffle at select ICSCC races.

Bimmerworld: $2,000 total support

Over the year, forty $50 Gift Certificates are awarded by raffle at 6 select ICSCC races.


425 Motorsports (Bellevue, WA): $2,000 total support

Over the year, twenty $100 GC’s are awarded by raffle at 6 select ICSCC races.


Griot's Garage (Tacoma, WA): $2,000 total support

Over the year, twenty $100 GC’s are awarded by raffle at 6 select ICSCC races.

ProFormance Racing School (Kent, WA)

ProFormance promotes our series to their sport driving students and provide to PRO3 discounted track time at ProFormance Sport Driving Lapping Days at the cost of $100 (regular cost $265).  You must use your PRO3 car at Sport Lapping Days.